Friends of Max – Family Meet at MIMS, Kozhikode- 17/11/12

‘Friends of Max’ organized its annual Kerala regional family meet at MIMS Hospital Auditorium on 17/11/12. Dr. Narayanan Kutty, Mrs. Viji Venkatesh, Pramod George (FOM Trustee) from Bombay were present at the meet. The meet was conducted in full house with CML patients and their family members across the state. 

People who have shared their life after the CML diagnosis, pathetic situations they have faced, Trauma once they have realized about seriousness of the illness were touching and emotional. An organization like Max Foundation is there to support us morally, physically and financially by organizing events like this, sharing experiences one to one, and more over providing medicines to needy ones. We don’t have words to express our gratitude to the organization and its dedicated officials.

In the question answer session Dr. Narayanan Kutty tried to answer each and every question, doubts and clear the worries of the patients, their family members and friends. Some of the main points that Dr. Narayanan Kutty briefed are as shown below:

1. CML is more common in India compared to other countries.
2. It is been advised that try to avoid paracetamol preparations and that alternative medicines as advised by the Oncologist only can be taken
3. Glivec/Imatinib or given medicine should take each day at same time, with one full glass of water and the ideal timing is having the medicine at night.
4. Avoid eating Red meat.
5. CML or most of the Cancers will not transform to Generations or it’s not a hereditary illness.
6. Muscle pain and deficiency of Calcium is common side effects.
7. Now the nature of the disease is changed due to quality treatment, effective medicines and quality life style of the patients.
8. Swelling on eyes, red spots on eyes, skin are also seen in some of the patients.
9. There are many notable personalities, celebrities are living or back to their normal life after CML diagnosis due to the help of Glivec/Imatinib.
10. Second and Third generations medicines of Glivec/Imatinib are available for better results in the treatment of CML.
11.  CML is the one of Cancer which can be treated and controlled by medicines like Glivec/Imatinib.

The program was adjourned after lunch.

I take this opportunity to convey my personal happiness and gratitude along with my family to the whole members of Max Foundation, Friends of Max team for such a wonderful support.

Shaji – FOM, Kerala