Friends of Max and The Terry Fox Run in Mumbai

Mar 29 2007
Written by a Volunteer FOM

{mosimage} Terry Fox was an 18 year old boy in Canada. He was a patient of bone cancer. His right leg was cut above his knee, to prevent the spread of cancer. But it had spread in the upper parts. A metal leg was fitted in place of the leg, which had to be cut.
He was in the hospital when he saw many young children suffering from cancer. They did not get proper treatment. So Terry Fox decided to collect money to support research on cancers affecting young children, by running across Canada, with his metal leg.

He ran wearing a T-shirt with the flag of Canada and “Marathon of Hope” written on it. People would wait for hours, waiting for Terry Fox to pass through their areas. His run made people aware of his fight against cancer and the cause for which he ran. Money began pouring in, due to his heroic run. His courage and determination made people to notice him. But day by day his health kept on worsening. Because of his health, he had to give up the run before finish and at the age of 22, he died.

Terry Fox runs are held in all major cities of the world, to celebrate the courage of the young Canadian and to continue the efforts, for which he ran.

When we participated in the Terry Fox run on 18th February, 2007, we were given T-shirts with the message from Terry Fox, which reads as “Even if I don’t finish, others must continue..”

So please give your support, in what ever way you can, in the fight against cancer.