FOM Patna Meeting on 17 March

Report by Nitesh Kumar Verma

I am Nitesh Kumar Verma, CML patient from Ara, Bihar. I attended the seminar which was held in AIIMS, Patna on 17th March 2019. Over 260 patients and caregivers came to this seminar. And, this was the 12th year celebration of the FRIENDS OF MAX.

Firstly, the seminar was inaugurated by Viji Venkatesh (THE MAX FOUNDATION), Dr. Prabhat K Singh (AIIMS DIRECTOR), Dr. Pritanjali (AIIMS) and Dr Ram ji.

Secondly, the question-answer hour was done where patients asked their question to doctors and they replied. In a doctor panel, Dr. Rajesh, Dr. Dinesh, Dr. Pritanjali. Dr. Richa and Dr. Ruchi were present to reply their answer.

Thirdly, each and every person took lunch with a smile. After taking a lunch, music therapy session started by band group (from Mount Litera Valley School, Patna). All the persons were divided into four groups and each group had a challenge — to sing a specific song which was chosen by the leader of the individual group.

And, finally, a dance session started and we celebrated the festival of colors, HOLI, by putting abir and gulal on each and every face. Overall, 17th March, 2019 become a memorable day for all persons because of Viji Venkaesh (AMMA), all the members of Friends of Max like Prashant, Rashmi, Sanjeev, Dinesh, Tuna Singh, Usha, Nitesh etc, all doctors, patients and caregivers who become a part of this seminar.