FOM Meeting at Kochi

The third Kerela meeting of FOM was held in Lakeshore auditorium of Lakeshore hospital in Kochi on 24th October 2010. Around 325 members from all around Kerala had participated by accepting the invitation from the our volunteers –Shajahan+ Mumtas, Jinto, Sajeevan,Sharafudheen who landed in Kochi one day prior to the D day.

 Morning session started with the registration and breakfast with typical South Indian cuisine of crispy uzhunnu vada and the refreshing coffee, our volunteers Jinto, Sharafudheen, Mohankumar,Sajeevan and Mumtaz had taken care of the registration activities. The participants posted their message under the guidance of Ms. Sharon and Pramod (our very own Mumbai Pramod John). Amma and Beena chechi welcomed everybody into the hall. The function started with the national anthem. Followed by a very well worded welcome, done on behalf of FOM, by Elizabeth George. Beena chechi then welcomed the gathering and had a presentation about TMF, roles and duties of each and everyone. This was followed by a Bharathanatyam performed by a little angel. Amma welcomed the participants and there was Pramod, who flew all the way from Mumbai to participate in this function. Shajahan,Jinto,Ravikumar,Mohankumar, Rosamma, Elizabeth, Thilakan and many more shared their companionship with CML as well as Gilvec along with Pramod who shared his wonderful courtship with CML to the audience. Pramod’s presence was such a big boost for all of us, especially since he could converse in the local language. He captured each and everyone with his charming smile. Sincere thanks to him on behalf of Kerala FOM. With the arrival of Dr. NarayananKutty Warrier there was a QA session, along with Dr. Gangadharan, and Dr. Anupama named as ‘doctarodu chodikkam,’ The recipients interacted with their favourite doctors , a lot of queries poured in , they looked so satisfied as it cleared their doubts. Shajahan, on behalf of FOM, proposed the Vote Of Thanks. Physicians on the panel were presented with gifts (Kits). It was then time to cut the cake. Yes, we celebrated Max’s birthday in style. A huge cake was cut by the children present in the auditorium, thus started the Maximise Life Celebration! The cake just vanished in a moment– completely out of sight !!! After the royal lunch, there was the ever popular Art Therapy session by Viji. The response to this session was incredible. There were so many participants, all young and old, stayed back to complete their art work. There were so many meaningful and lovely work . Nobody really wanted to leave. But as always, all good things have to come to an end. So the grand day had to be concluded. It was decided that the next FOM Kerala meeting would be held at Kozhikode. With their gracious presence and affectionate guidance, Amma Beena chechi lead the session to its grand conclusion. Thank you for making this day the most memorable to us ! A special thanks to Dr V P Gangadharan, who made it possible for us to have this meet in the beautiful auditorium, and that too free of rent. Dr N K Warrier travelled 5 hours to attend the meeting and he came dressed in the blue Tee. . . . such a pleasant sight that was. . . a true friend of Max !!!

 Reported by Ravi Kumar on behalf of Kerala FOM