Fitness on the GO – go for it

On Saturday the 20th of October,

The Max Foundation partnered with well-known publishing giants Random House for the launch of their newest best seller (the brisk sales at the venue were a definite indication!) called Fitness on the GO.

It was an absolutely delightful event, the launch of Abhishek Sharma’s Fitness on the GO!

The author, Abhishek and Amma’s brain child – this event – was a unique amalgamation of the ongoing Cancer Awareness Campaign and a book about holistic fitness. ‘Fitness’ often conjures in our mind images of six-pack abs or hour-glass figures which are very difficult for most of us to achieve. But Abhishek dispelled this notion in a trice – what he said about fitness being ‘inside out’ or being fit from within was so simple and immensely relevant especially in the context of today’s fast paced world where we do not stop to even breathe right for a minute! All the more relevant, working as we do with people and families living with a diagnosis of cancer and promoting and advocating fitness levels as something that can not only prevent recurrence but also go a long way in supplementing the treatment.





Abhishek held a small ‘practice what you preach’ session – he conducted a quick workshop of very simple exercises that almost all of us were able to do easily, an apt demo of Fitness on the GO!. And of course, Hosi Uncle by my side was a wonderful inspiration! This event was testimony to the way how two unlikely bed fellows can come together and deliver an absolutely charming, relevant and effective message to the community at large. Our patients, their caregivers and we were so excited to attend and participate in this special Live Session the author conducted. This was an interactive book launch like no other. Where other authors read from their book, Abhishek translated his words into effective action.






Following this session, after we polished off sandwiches & delicious corn fries, we heard Amma speak about Abhishek and his role as a loving care-giver to his father who was diagnosed with lung cancer and is now doing very well. Abhishek is one of the most popular fitness experts on the scene today and is trainer to some of the most popular and fittest of the stars in Bollywood. The book was officially launched by a legendary actress for over five decades – Helen. It was wonderful to hear her talk about her simple fitness regimen. We were all a little star-struck







All of us there – Max India and FOM Bombay with our Stomp Out Cancer mugs and Fight the Fear pamphlets were happy to have got some invaluable tips on fitness. Many of us bought the book and of course we all got our copies signed too.







As a footnote – all of you who are reading this & don’t have a copy of ‘Fitness on the GO’ – go get one now!!



Vijaya Sundaram