First Coimbatore FOM Meet-1st June 2013

Friends of Max Chennai group have been trying to conduct a CML patients meeting outside Chennai. The Wait finally came to an end.

Yes we had our CML patients meeting at Coimbatore on 1st June’13, thanks to G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital Coimbatore. GKNMH wanted to have CML patients meet with their survivor’s day event.

FOM Chennai kick started the preparation by calling the CML friends in and around Coimbatore, requesting their participation. Icing on the cake was the presence of Viji and Beena Narayanan.

On June 1st, even the rain gods showered their blessing. FOM Chennai members Nag, Maran, Saravanan, Veda, Kannan, Vishva and Sathya were in action, setting up banners, inviting the patients. We had a brief introduction with GKNMH doctors and staff. We welcomed all patients and caregivers. Our meeting was scheduled to start at 11.30 AM; we had our friends turning up as early as 10 AM.

As soon as GKMNH’s survivor’s meet concluded. Our FOM Coimbatore meet officially started with the registration. Right after the registration, ever energetic Viji educated CML patients on the importance of knowing their PCR, “What is my PCR?” Campaign and provided them with “What is My PCR?” badges and FAQs. It was indeed an eye opener for the patients and attenders.

Followed by the registration, meeting started with the prayer song. Viji, Beena, GKNMH hospitals Dr Suthanthira Kannan, Dr Nagaraj and Dr T P Ramakrishnan presided the meeting. GKNMH welcomed Viji and Beena with presents. Viji started the meeting with the welcome note and walked the gathering about CML, Max foundation, Friends of Max, Novartis, NOA and the importance of regular follow ups and intake of Glivec daily. She also elaborated on What is My PCR?” with a powerful presentation Then Dr Suthanthira Kannan addressed the group what is CML, How it forms and treatments available.

FOM member Veda shared his personal experience with CML and his life. He rightly said, we are battling against a giant like CML and winning thanks to Glivec, few brushes like leg pain, nausea and etc. doesn’t really matter. Sethuraman shared his experience, he was energetic and to the point. “By being positive, anything is possible” rightly said Sethuraman. I too shared my life after CML with the gathering.

Our Beena delivered the note of thanks in her very own loveable Tamil. Our historic day ended with delicious lunch, lots of love, exchanging numbers, new FOM members and with lots and lots of photograph to cherish the memory.

Coimbatore meet is the first of many to come. Thanks to the overwhelming support of G Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital Management, CML friends and care givers who participated and gave us a day which we won’t forget in the years to come.

N Vishvanathan, FOM Chennai