Dear Binu and B’lore Team…

Our Banglore meet was simply superb.The venue St. John was impeccably clean and made us feel like we are in a Hi fi club guest house or a resort.At times we felt we are in a leisurehome surrounded by gardens , fountains , greeneries ,deer park and what not?Everything is in the hospital complex but it was segregated from the main hospital in such a way that we never felt that we are cancer patients and we are in a oncology hospital!! Believe me friends,Those who did not come really missed something interesting.

When I entered the venue of the meeting ,I was asked to remove my shirt and put a black T-shirt with the friends of max logo.This was the dress for all volunteers.I was bit apprehensive to put on black colour.I have never in my life worn a black till that day.I wore it but not sure how it looks on me I walked down all the way to my room to see whether it suits me.I always felt the blck looks good only on king khan aka SHAH RUKH KHAN and it is not meant for me.It didnot look bad so I continued the whole day in the black.The jet black color T shirt with the friends of max logo in red , yellow and green looked a class apart.The woven logo attracted everybodys attention at the airport.For a few moments I did feel like the SRK. When I entered my house my wife saw the black and got suspicious as she had never packed a black T shirt but when saw the logo she got relieved.Her next reaction was 'Shab,yaar black suits you it looks fantastic on you!!'

The design of the T-shirt is unique and my personal congratulation to th B'lore team for this effort.The Mumbai meet started the trend,Delhi went a step ahead and Banglore has now set the benchmark . Hello Rajat da, Neel are u listening ? The banglore team has made the turf hot.But I am sure AMAAR SHONAR BANGLA will not give up easily.The Biryani at Hyderabad house in your compny was more delicious than I ever had before.I look forward to have bekti ,alu bhaja and macher Jhol with you in Kolkotta.

Shabbir Udaipurwala.