Children of God

Asvathaman – Chennai, 2009
My name is C. Asvathaman, aged 28 years. In the year 2000, I had continuous cough and stomach issues. I underwent a blood test on 03-08-2001 and it was confirmed that I had CML. I was admitted to WIA Adayar Cancer Institute on 08-08-2001 and was treated. In those times, I had little knowledge about CML; so I didn’t worry much.
On the History
I first want to thank Max Foundation, the Novartis Company and Viji Amma for offering Glivec free of cost. I consider that the pages reserved for me in this book are not just papers; they are historical records of mine.
My Journey

Initially to treat CML, I took 6 Hydrea 500 mg tablets daily for two years. Then I was treated with Interferon injections. During this time, I looked dark and had black rings. BMT HLA match also didn’t work for me. That is when Dr.Ramanan at Adayar hospital told me about Glivec and the procedure to get it. He also told me about the Novartis donation programme and Viji Amma’s service.
Life is full of faith

As per the advice by Dr.Sridhar, my father explained my condition to Viji Amma and also about my family’s circumstances. Then Viji Amma approved the application and Novartis gave us Glivec tablets free of cost, which would have otherwise cost us about Rupees 2.5 lakh monthly. Dr.Ramanan gave me hope by explaining how Glivec acts directly on cancerous cells. I’m consuming this tablet everyday with complete faith because I certainly believe that faith is life.
Believe Strong

I have not changed my life style even a bit since 2001-2004 when I had to take Hydrea and Interferon and then Glivec since Apr 2004. I have not feared too. My family never let me down anytime. I strongly believe I am absolutely well now. Along with Friends of Max, we wait to work with you in the future.
Children of God
Although my fate is strong and death always comes with birth, by rewriting our fate we became the blessed Children of God and gave rebirth to ourselves by medical scientific achievements.

Translated from Tamil by Nagendra FOM Chennai