Chai for Cancer End of the Year Meet & Greet – Report

The Max Foundation and Friends of Max organized an “End of the Year Meet & Greet” themed Chai for Cancer Adda on 18th December 2021. More than 80 FOM City Chapter Leaders and the Max team in India and Nepal attended this Adda which saw attendees sharing what they are grateful for in 2021.

The meeting began with the Max team’s Priyanka Kandalgaokar recapping all the events and Chai Addas that had taken place and the new initiatives and various collaborations launched throughout the year.

The Max Foundation’s Region Head for South Asia, Viji Venkatesh then took up the mantle as she shared her message about the resilience that the FOM Community has shown during the times of COVID and after. “Chai for Cancer embodies the love we have for each other”, she added as she spoke about the immense support that the fundraiser has seen in these trying times.

This was followed by a message from FOM Communications Manager Aashray Paul, and a video compilation of some special moments over the virtual meetings prepared by the Max team.

Dr Pankaj Malhotra, who was kind enough to join us on this evening shared an inspiring message of positivity and gratitude, highlighting all the technological and scientific advancements made in the last two years and the increase in basic hygiene among the masses.

Priyanka Kandalgaokar then picked up “The Cup of Gratitude” – our new addition to this meeting. Everyone listened in with rapt attention as the Max team, and FOM Trustees and City Chapter Leaders took turns raising the Cup of Gratitude and sharing what they were thankful for in 2021.

This was followed by a Vote of Thanks from the Max team’s Anshika Tandon and a pledge by all attendees to raise their cups towards Chai for Cancer and support cancer patients in need!

You can watch the live replay of this meeting using the link below-