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Dan Vassela

Message from the Chairman & CEO of Novartis AG

It is an honor to be able to address you today, if only indirectly, on such an important occasion: the celebration of GIPAP in India. Today we are all here to celebrate the patients who have been helped by GIPAP and The Max Foundation. Since

Life is a Journey

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Executive Director, The Max Foundation, Seattle. January 2008 My dear Friends of MaxLife is a Journey, its roads and turns not clearly known to us in advance. Life is a Journey and yet, even in the midst of unpredictable events, we find beauty,

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   {mosimage}  {mosimage}  {mosimage}  {mosimage} 2007 Oct 11 | Chennai 2007 Aug 27 |  Hyderabad 2007 June 28 | Pune 2007 Apr 22 | Kerala  {mosimage}  {mosimage}     2007 Mar 11 | Mumbai 2007 Feb 18 | Terry Fox Run, Mumbai