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Category: All India Meet 2011 Hyderabad

Tree of life

The logo and slogan for the year 2011 was inspired by this lovely watercolour by Dr Niranjani. You may know her as the wife of Dr Raghu, the FOM core group leader in Hyderabad. The slogan for this year is : “GROW WITH THE TREE OF LIFE”

Wear Yellow

FRIENDS OF MAX JOIN HANDS WITH LIVESTRONG ON LIVESTRONG DAY   As all the Friends of Max from the four corners of this vast land gathered together to celebrate their lives in all its glory, their joy and spirits were testimony to the philosophy propounded

6th All India Meet

  It was in May 2010, Hyderabad made the adventurous announcement of hosting the next Annual Meeting of Friends of Max – HELLO HYDERABAD! After months of planning and preparations, everything was going as per plan. However days before the event trouble started for the