Breast Cancer FAQs

On International Women’s Day Friends of Max is proud to launch a booklet on Frequently Asked Questions on Breast Cancer designed and developed for us by The Max Foundation team in India. We extend our warmest gratitude to Dr Bhawna Sirohi who reviewed and edited the content for us.

Breast cancer outcomes in India are significantly worse compared to the West and even within India, there is a disparity depending on where one lives with the outcomes being the worst in north east and central India. This is very likely related to late stage of presentation, poor access to cancer care, delayed start of treatment and inadequate or non-compliance to treatment recommended” says Dr Bhawna, Medical Director at BALCO and a long time friend of Max and FOM.

FOM prides itself on its commitment to preparing and sharing pertinent disease information material . After CML, GIST and MPN we now present the Breast Cancer FAQ Booklet.

The booklet, which is available online, helps to answer the many questions which not just patients and caregivers but just about anyone can usually have but are unable or afraid to ask.

We hope this endeavour by FOM will help women and the general public to know more about the basics of breast cancer, its signs and symptoms, early methods of detection as well as better management.

Because early diagnosis leads to higher cure rates!

To know more – Download FAQ

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