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Binu Mathew – A tribute


Binu Mathew has been the testimony to God wherein there was a clear demonstrated evidence of how FAITH,HOPE,TRUST in God can bring Peace and Harmony to one’s life. His inner strength of belief in the Almighty above has kept many things in abeyance especially the Disease for the last 20 years and above and for all the Patient Support group of CML, he was the beacon  of Hope and Courage one needed  at the time of diagnosis. He leaves a very strong legacy and message to all that the firm belief in GOD can do miracles. He has only physically left us but his Soul breathes in each one of us which invariably has developed courage in each of us to face the Set back and leave to God to convert this into a stepping stone. Binu Mathew is our Stepping stone of Strength to accept things as it is and go by the will of God.
His message to all us was to have the firm belief in God and Prayers. I, Param, have been a Testimony of his belief and will continue to Live to his belief and spread his message across so that His Soul Will rest in Peace.
At this time of grief, I pray earnestly to the God above to give strength to all the near and dear ones of Binu’s family.
Praise the Lord.
Cheers, Param


My dear family
It is with a very heavy heart I share with all of you the news of the passing away of our dear, beloved Friend of Max Binu Mathew in Bangalore
on Sunday morning.
His warm, sparkling eyes, his from-the-heart smile and the unconditional love he gave all, will keep him alive in our hearts forever.
He inspired every one who came in touch with him every day of his twenty year journey with CML and taught each one of us the power of simple Prayer; the giving of oneself to another in love and compassion.
All of us here in Bangalore , over the last two days have been blessed to be in the company of Sheeba and little Angie and Binu’s parents and learnt from them care and concern for the other in the very midst of one’s own deep and irreparable loss.
Almost everyone who has been touched by Binu is there physically or in spirit to keep his dear family company at this difficult time .
I know each one of us is also there with them.

Dear All,
I am Shocked ! I cant believe it!! How it all happened?
I remember my visit to Banglore, his painstaking arrangemt to book us,to guide us frm airport to the venue ,and d warm welcome on rechng ,and d dinner ,I just cant forget it.
He was d ‘jaan’ of d banglore team .I still remember d dress he was wearng.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.My deep heartd condolences to his family members and may God give them all d strength to overcome d loss of our good friend Binu.
Amma It is indeed very sad to hear this.  He was a source of inspiration to all of us.  He was a true fighter & lovable person.  We all Friends of Max have been guided by him whenever needed.  He was the person who booked the room for me for the All India meet at Bangalore in 2008.  Reading his experience in Chhulo assman I gathered a lot of courage that if he could live such an active life, though Gleevec was not there at the time of his diagnosis.  I want to know what went wrong.  I pray to almighty to give strength to his family to bear this irrreparable and untimely loss.
 S A

Dear Viji,
I am so shocked to hear this sad news. Binu was indeed an integral part of the Bangalore team. I remember exchanging mails and meeting him during the All India meet at Bangalore in 2008. He was a very active person and always there to help anyone.
May his soul rest in peace. My deepest condolenses to Sheeba and his family.

Dear Vijiji,
It always feels like a member of the family has passed away when we hear
such tragic news .
Although I have never met Mr Mathew, just getting emails on the GIPAP group
connects us to closely to the entire group.
My heart felt condolences to the family .

Dear Viji
Its indeed very shocking to hear this sad news. May his soul Rest in Peace. Our condolences to Sheeba and his parents. May God give them strength to overcome this loss.

Binu … no, .. unbelievable … it’s shocking.  His friendly & persistent smile is there flashing in mind. His presence around in our meets was so gently reassuring … like that of a big brother

Hi ,
It is indeed shocking. He was so full of Cheerfulness and enthusiasm. The entire FoM team is going to miss him. Our condolences to the family.

The best thing about Binu was his infectious smile…I can’t visualised him without it!.
Wishing him peace and may The All Powerful give Sheeba, little Angie & all dear ones the strength to go on.
Cheers to the Life & Spirit of Binu!

I am so totally shocked to hear this…it seems like only yesterday that we met him at the Kolkata meet…He was a great soul…may he rest in peace

am very saddened hearing this news. To Sheeba and Angie…the whole family is with you. May the Lord bless you with strength to overcome the grief and remind you of all the good times.
Binu and his smile…It was his identity of sorts, so befriending. I remember his speech in Kannada during the Banglore meet. So enthusiastic, so postive about life.
Yes indeed…Cheers to the Life and Spirit of Binu! We will all miss you friend, rest in peace.

unbelievable.a very sad news.i was just looking forward to all the dear friends during
next meeting and have to miss a smiling ready to help face.
no words to share the grief of family .he is going to be in our hearts always.
may his soul rest in peace.

I am deeply saddened.  His fighting spirit and never say no attitude really inspired us, The Friends of Max.  We shall follow his steps and continue to do our bit to the welfare of humanity and I think that is the tribute to our ever smiling Binu.  He would never rest, he would still continue to think of welfare to the humanity though he has reached The Almighty.   I’m proud to have known such a kind, warm, active and brilliant person and that ever smiling face of his.  My prayers and thoughts are to all his dearest and nearest ones.

Dear All,
I was in Bangalore, and went cold on hearing of Binu’s hospitalization. Though I rushed there, we could only be of help in consoling one another. His family’s stoicism, and total trust in God, have to be seen to be believed. Just as Max inspires us globally, I am sure Binu will continue to guide our FOM inspirationally always. Sheeba, little Angie and Binu’s parents, we will always be there for you, as we are sure you will be for us.

Binu was one of the most efficient Core members.
I have seen him and touched him so closely.
Binu will remain warm and intimate in our heart for ever.
We will arrange a condolence meeting and prayer in Kolkata.
May Binu’s soul live in peace.

Its a shocking news and a great loss to FOM team.

Dear friends,
Due to problems in my eyes, I do not write but I do sometimes read the mails and get my self updated on the events related to our group. I could not but resist writing .
I am deeply aggrieved .  What ever little I knew of Binu was that he was always involved in each and every activity of the group and his posts indiacted that he was a person with great never ‘give up and say no’ attitude,
From the bottom of my heart I   pray for and think about all his dearest and nearest ones.

Regards to all.
It is with profound sadness that we received the news of dear Binu’s demise .
He will long be remembered as one of the stalwarts of the FOM group , and I am sure his passing will leave an irreplaceable lacuna in the in the Bangalore Friends of Max team .
May his soul rest in peace.


It sure leaves a void that cannot be filled easily…He alongwith Param were the key drivers of all activities in Bangalore. We hope we can keep up the exuberance Binu showed in the FOM activities here..


Sad to receive news of Binu who is no more with us. I never met him but we will definitely feel the absence of person like Binu at Chennai get together.

Personally I will miss opportunity to meet dynamic person like Binu.



we always pray god but we never seen them. we assuming that the spiritual statue is our god and we feel relax when we bend down our head in-front of the statue. Life is combinations of Up & Downs. But the person, who can handle both the situation, only he would be winner. But, if in adverse situation anyone help to others, he is certainly representing god. In my all & every adverse situation, i have been helped by you and my feeling, I can’t express myself.
I pray to god to give full strength to  beloved Friend of Max Binu Mathew’s family to get a support from devine representative.




Dear Viji,
thank you for the wise words. Indeed it is his smile which stays with us forever. I don’t remember ever seeing him without that big grin. And it was not a mischievous grin, instead it was a loving, peaceful, wonderful smile which would go right into our hearts.

Please send my love and condolences to his family.



It is extremely difficult to express the void created by Binu’s sad demise. Binu was the heart of Bangalore GIPAP team. It was Binu, who got all of us together in cubbon park and mooted the idea of sharing our feeling, experience . His exuberance ensured that not a single member of the group felt left out. He ensured that Amma’s enthusiasm got converted into significant activities in Bangalore Friend of Max.

We, the Bangalore team, will sorely miss him. The memory of his association and activity will remain for ever. I , personally miss his 830AM calls.

We hope the energy left behind by him and good deeds of his will take Sheeba and Angie through the journey ahead. I wish them the mental strength to overcome his physical absence.

KSG and S

Dear Amma & All,
I Have been a poor Communicator especially with the yahoo group, however , I have always gone through the mails and though I have not met Binu I have always felt his Vibrant presence.

It is a Sad occasion to lose a Friend especially a “Hamdardi”.

I sincerely pray to God to give Strength to Sheeba & his Family.

May God always Be Kind to all.



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