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Binu Mathew – A tribute


Binu Mathew – in memorium

Binu MathewJesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your father in heaven.” Mathew 5:16

Binu was that ‘light’. Not just for us, the Friends of Max, but for a multitude of people across the spectrum of society. This light was best reflected through his trademark “smile” that reached his eyes to fill us all with unwavering hope and joy.

I remember how distraught I was when I first moved to Bangalore from Chennai after my diagnosis 5 years ago. Binu was the first person I spoke to from the “Friends of Max” Bangalore circle, and that was the turning point for me. He made me realise that my illness was but a blessing. A point of view fervently endorsed by him was that our blood disorder was the way through which we were reconciled to the purest blood of Christ and its redeeming qualities. Binu never failed to remind me about this true covenant of Jesus’ blood whenever I wavered in my faith. It remains to this day my single most comforting thought.

Twenty years is indeed a long time for someone with such a disorder. Looking at Binu’s energy and steely resolve even after so many years gave each of us strength. He represented our hope for a bright and normal future, blessed in the abundant grace of God. Binu was hence never just a dear friend for us, the “Friends of Max”. He was for us an epitome of grace and the paradigm of strength. Our pillar of solidity, he stood as a “rock of Gibraltar” in the most torrid seas. Epitomising the grace of God, he lived as a testimony of our heavenly father’s unconditional love, of how we can all be blessed and live life to the fullest if only we surrender ourselves to him.

Binu taught us the invaluable lesson that nothing is ever lost and time is our most precious gift along with life. Through his steadfast work despite his failing health, he has given us a direction for life and taught us that it is only by the strength of the Lord that we strive, not our own.

One to take initiative, Binu was always there at the helm of activities for any function of our group, demonstrating facets of his inherent sharpness and eye for detail. His presence has always been invaluable at each of these events. We, the “Friends of Max”, love you Binu and your soul will forever dwell amongst us. Your unyielding spirit shall always drive us to spread the ‘love’ that you lived for.

Thank you Binu for giving us purpose in life and serving as an unwavering beacon.
Thank you for teaching us the power of love and the true meaning of life.
Finally, thank you Binu for just being you, for the wonderful person you were in Christ.

as shared by Avinash at Binu’s memorial service

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