Binu Mathew

Binu Mathew – A tribute

Binu MathewUnable are the loved to die.  For love is immortality.  ~Emily Dickinson

I met Binu for the first time much after having had many conversations with him over the phone. It was at the first Friends of Max meeting we had convened in Bangalore in 2003 . 


The minute I saw him walking towards me I knew it was he, Binu of the “smiling voice”. All the warmth and friendliness in his voice was reflected manifold in his smiling visage. His warm, sparkling eyes, his from-the-heart smile and the unconditional love he gave all, will keep him alive in our hearts forever. From that moment he inspired every one who came in touch with him every day of his twenty year journey with CML and taught each one of us the power of simple Prayer; the giving of oneself to another in love and compassion.

Personally, Binu has been a great pillar of strength to me, my sounding board, my conscience – never letting me waiver from the path I have chosen in cancer care no matter what the challenge. To the Friends of Max, the support group of CML and GIST patients from all over the country, and of which he was one of the founding Trustees, he has been the voice of courage and cheer.
Always aware that his life was precious because it was God’s gift to him and also aware that his sweet Lord had already a plan for the dispensation of that life , Binu was unwavering in his commitment to stand by that Plan. In a manner that proved beyond doubt that within that sweet exterior was a man of steel resolve, he lived as a guiding light to hundreds of people living with the diagnosis of cancer ; leading by example and encouraging everyone to step out and contribute to the society they were a part of.
Binu my dear I will miss you but promise that your voice will always remain close to my heart , your 1000 watt smile always guiding me and lighting my path ; always infusing me with more and more energy to reach out to anyone and everyone in need.

Viji Venkatesh

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