Beena Narayanan

I am Beena Narayanan, a fan of Max since 2002, and working in various capacities with The Max Foundation (Max India) for the last 16 plus years.

Before joining Max as a volunteer in June 2004, I had been assisting the reputed medical oncologist, Dr. VP Gangadharan at Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi, Kerala.

By September 2004, I was made an Assistant Program Max Station, and very soon, I became a Max Station.

Thereafter, I was elevated to Senior Max Station, and at present I am Program Officer for South Asia (India and Sri Lanka) since 2014.

That I was captivated by the love and gratitude received from the community, just because I stood before them as the face of Max in my area of operations, is impossible to describe.

The great support that has been available on tap from the global team at Seattle, and the joy of working with similarly minded people from all over the world has been enriching to say the least.

As a senior member of the Max team in the South Asia Region, I have the privilege of holding training sessions from time to time, and of acting as the reference point in case of doubts relating to processes and programs.

That I had Max holding me up during some of the worst tragedies in my personal life, has left me even more grateful and loyal in my service to The Max Foundation.