Bangalore Meeting-Report by Rizwan Pasha

At the Bangalore Support Group Meeting organized by The Max Foundation and Friends of Max for CML & GIST patients in Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, FOM City Chapter Leader from Bangalore – Rizwan Pasha was interviewed and asked to share his views

1.Importance of Support Group Meetings for patients’?

  • To get information about the disease and clear our doubts
  • To share our own experiences and listen to our fellow survivors
  • Connect with other survivors and support each other

2. Feelings on meeting the FOM Community after 3 years?

It was refreshing meeting the community after three years. Meeting new people and listening to their experience is good and I felt connected.

3. Thoughts on interactive sessions organized at these Support Group Meetings ?

For new participants, the sessions were right on point. The information on The Max Foundation, Friends of Max and its activities were shared with all the details. For the people who are coming frequently, it might have been repetitive. The Q & A was good as the physicians answered all the questions that were asked by the patients. Each and every doubt was cleared.

4. Expectations from future FOM Meeting ?

  • Reduce presentations and add activities to interact with patients.
  • Form groups so that they can form a circle to share and feel connected.
  • Build a network of volunteers for some interactive activity after the meeting.
  • Add call for action to all patients and volunteers to be connected and remain active till the next support group meetings. (These activities can be done if time permits)