Bangalore Friends of Max Meeting

Jul 29 2006

{mosimage} We had a wonderful meet on 29th July at Sadashivanagar Park. The main objective of this meet was to welcome some of the new members of Bangalore Friends of Max (FOM) who were recently diagnosed for CML and to provide them with moral support. Our other objectives were to discuss the Delhi meet, travel logistics and finally, to celebrate Shital Kiran’s Birthday.

Sujatha had been diagnosed with CML 2 months back & has started on Glivec. She is responding well to the treatment. When she initially came to know of her ailment she was shattered, as she had seen her boss dying of cancer sometime back. As soon as the FOM team came to know about her, we took turns and started calling her over the phone encouraging her with each one of ours experience with CML. Finally, when she met the FOM team, she had a totally new perspective in life.

Now Sujatha says that she has a new purpose and drive in life. Earlier for her the only priority was job but now she would like to serve & encourage people who have lost hope.

Sujatha came along with her elder sister Lakshmi & brother Manjunath. They were pretty upbeat after seeing how various CML patients have come to terms with life after going through the initial shock.

Seema and Mrs. Vardharajan are spouses of Dr. Shital Kiran and Mr. Vardharajan who are CML survivors.

Mr. Antony is also a new member of FOM. He has taken the diagnosis very positively. He was really excited to see all the friends who are sailing on the same boat but have a new purpose in life.

Madhavan, too, is a new member and was glad to be part of FOM. His wife Devi is seen with him. Param and Rama do not require any introduction. They are one of the active couples in Bangalore FOM and a great source of encouragement for many.

Murgendra’s mother is a CML survivor and Murgendra makes sure that he is available for any event organized by FOM. He is a very active participant. Dr. Shital Kiran is an encyclopedia on CML. You ask about any research on CML & related drugs and he is up to date with the info, a very active participant in our forum as well as the email group. Rajeev is a CML survivor for 13 years and is a great encouragement for the folks around.