Back to School and it’s everybody’s business

Saturday the 16th of October saw a bunch of volunteers from Friends of Max Mumbai and the Max India team attend one of the Business Schools in Mumbai. No we were not there for a class on the latest Market Trends or to learn some Continuous Improvement Plan or even study the importance of benchmarks and maximum utilisation of existing resources.

We were there to spread the good word about the Big C and get those smart, young brains to share with us what they knew about cancer. And get them to help us spread the word further that Cancer is curable if detected and treated early. Soon we found that we were in the midst of not only the sharpest minds of all but the most sensitive too.

Eager and endearing these champions were happy to espouse our cause and pledge their solidarity. Whether it was sporting the Maximise Life wrist bands or lining up to sign the Tribute Wall ( no table space ? lend me your broad shoulder pal) with their heart warming messages of salutations or listening to the lecture on Tobacco and Cancer Awareness this group of youngsters was right up there in front where it mattered –committed to take our message into their communities.

They laughed till their eyes were moist at the performance of our by now famous stand up comedy duo Bhai (Pramod) and Bhidu (Nirmesh) who in true business school parlance briefed them about the warning signs of cancer and when our FOM survivors shared their testimonials of courage there was not a dry eye in the auditorium, But soon the questions came at them ; curious and intelligent ,wanting to know as much as possible about risk factors , coping strategies, future plans and what they could contribute !

It was fitting we cut Max’s birthday cake in the midst of these young men and women , each one a testimony themselves to the bright future of the nation nay the universe – students of the aptly named Unitedworld School of Business .

Post Script 
What brought us together was an invitation I had received way back in April to address the new batch of students and talk to them on the Pursuit of Happiness and realizing their life’s Goals. We had hit it off and at the end of the Lecture I had promised one day to return with the Friends of Max and share with them that world of mine too. That promise was well kept in all manner of speaking !!! 

reported by Viji Venkatesh