2nd Leadership Summit

Announcing the 2nd All India FOM Leadership Summit 2015

The Max Foundation and Friends of Max (FOM) are organizing their Second All India Leadership Summit on 18-19th April, 2015 in Hyderabad, the city of Nizams.

It is a unique opportunity for all the FOM City Chapter Leaders to come together under one roof for sharing and learning which will ultimately help in Maximizing Life. The aim is to help each of these champions develop a set of skills, knowledge base and information, by way of interactions, both personally as well as by way of formal panel discussions. This will be with each other, their peers and with the expert doctors, specialists and KOLs in their respective fields.

The first summit organised in Pune in 2013 was a huge success and as the tag line went- ‘Aspire to Inspire’, it had a lasting impact on one and all.

This year our tag line is- ‘Together We Can, Together We Will’. The 2-day long event will have medical sessions, capacity – building workshops and networking opportunities which will help the leaders to equip themselves with the means to nurture and comfort their newer and younger peers in their local community.

For further queries and details regarding the Summit, you may write to friendsofmax@gmail dot com