And our own Shakespeare of Kolkata adds …

Mousam viga viga!!
Does not the dark cloud on the horizon bring the deepest thoughts of the sweet heart living far away?
Kolkata was just ready to launch the “Maximize Life” Campaign on Sunday the 19th September,2010.
The core group was anxiously waiting for Amma to reach in time the day before. Yes – the monsoon cloud delayed the flight from Bombay. But when she landed it was a grand music of the showers pouring in.
Next day was busy with activities – right from morning -moving to the venue, stage, light, food, registration place, and a host of them – a damn difficult job for our twenty strong core team, – but a pleasure and pleasant moment for working together with Amma as if making a bouquet of colorful flowers in a golden tray. Can you believe that the evening’s  host was Shusmita Sen ? Yes – the most sweet and out spoken lady we all love to be with , in her house with her loving hospitality?. She knows how to make good food and where to get good food. But first there was Hard Work ahead – 300 bags to be filled in with all kinds of useful gifts – but the gain in our fabulous calorie made up for all our energy losses due to her food-full torture.
AND Amma is slave driver – she did not let us eat till we finished all the work !! 
The day ended so smoothly. The slave driver assisted by Sangita explained the whole event and project and duties were doled out to all . And Maximize – Life launched. The bouquet of colors that we all made together bloomed and sparkled. At the end the ambient was joyful, flavor was mystic, and as ense of fulfillment in the air when every one joined – ” Hum hongekamiyab ek din…n…n..n”.

Reported by Rajat Dada