All India Meet ’09 – Nikhil Batra recounts…

{mosimage}Day before the annual meet and meeting Amma:

It was so lovely and memorable experience meeting all the FOM members in Kolkata.

I was chatting, talking to Amma from last one year. Even though I stay in Pune and Amma stays in Mumbai (Just 150 Km) away then also we didn't got the chance to meet each other. One day before annual meeting Amma asked me to come to 'Executive Point' in Kolkata, where FOM volunteer were there. The moment I reached there I saw lot of FOM volunteer packing and preparing for next big day.

There I met Sharon who is simply so charming and energetic. She introduced me with other members (Binu Mathew always smiling, Cedric, Appa very gentle and kind, Pramod Aggarwal, Beena,Vidya ji) and they met me like we know each other from many years even though I was meeting them for very first time. They all knew my name, I was wondering about that also, it was feeling so good. It felt like there is some hidden and strong friendship among each one of us between the FOM members. By this time Amma was not here and Sharon told me she is at venue and will be back soon. Meanwhile I also started helping other FOM members. Then Pat arrived there, Binu told me that she is Max's mother. So I thought she is the one who started this great work and behind our happy lives. Then I had a long chat with her.

Then the moment came Amma arrived. The moment she entered the hall and she met Pat and other members, then she loudly said where is 'Nikhil' I waved my arm in the air. She hugged me and pampered me like his child. Amma is so energetic and loveable. We all FOM members know and i some time wonder how this beautiful lady Amma has so energy all the time, even though she meets 1000 people she will meet them with same energy and affection. God bless her. She said everyone that he is our 'Nikhil'. I was so much overjoyed. Then I met beautiful Ayeshah, Pramod John, Kerul, Neel and FOM members. Pramod introduced me to other Mumbai gang. After having lunch Amma gave briefing about next day. So all seems to be well set.

Annual Meet day:

Even though it was my first meet and I was excited for the meeting, but from inside I was feeling confident as I met many core FOM members. Me and my brother reached at Nazrul Munch quarter to 9:00. Sorry to say but late by half an hour. Venue was looking perfectly fine and each volunteer taking his/her charge without anyone asking them. People were standing in queue for registration. Amma, Sharon and Ayeshah were looking pretty. Amma and other staff member of Max foundation were busy in receiving and welcoming Patients, Doctors and Volunteers. I started helping at registration counter and my brother at breakfast. Then came Mr. Ranjit Shahani (MD Novartis) who was joined with Head of Oncology of Asia Pacific region.So we got the opportunity to have casual talk with Mr. Sahani. Everybody took the seat and program started. After an hour time FOM Volunteer started 'Hum Honge Kamyab’ play. Play gave so much messages in very simple manner.(Like we should not skip our medicine) . Nice performance by Naveen, Stuti, Neel, Mr.Koner. Amma and FOM core Chennai members announced next year Annual meet venue which is Chennai. After a while break for lunch was announced. There I met my lovely doctor Dr Pankaj Malhotra who came all the way from Chandigarh to attend the meeting. I was desperate to meet him and he was quite happy to see me there. There I chatted with him for at least 15-20 minutes. I took some photographs with him also.

After the lunch Neel announced for Doctor's session for which each one of us were waiting.

It was quite good session. Dr. Pankaj took the charge of dais. He started explaining the case study which they brought with them. Dignitaries Doctors started answering questions from case study. In between they answered the questions from patients also. After one and half hour session it was time to say Goodbye. All FOM volunteers with doctors took some group photographs. So the time came to say good bye to everyone.

After the meeting I was thinking that we should not miss these kinds of meetings where we had such a great time. I am now waiting for next FOM meeting. Those who have not joined the meeting and never came to any FOM meet I request them to please do come there next time.

Report by Nikhil Batra