Ahmedabad FOM Meet- 22nd December 2012

“WHAT IS MY PCR ? ” campaign in Ahmedabad was held on 22nd December 2012, Saturday at Cama Hall, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad- City known for the rich history of its culture, tradition and food. It was a lovely morning; nice atmosphere.

“WHAT IS MY PCR ? ”  is an international community-driven campaign launched to increase awareness, education and understanding of the need to properly monitor CML treatment. It was launched on the occasion of World CML Day – 22nd September.

There were more than 200 Cancer patients from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The whole event was organised by MAX, FOM and Shri Ushakantbhai Shah (core group FOM leader) & the volunteers of their trust “Karuna Kare Foundation”.

In spite of their busy schedule, Dr. Bharatbhai Parikh, Desai, Dr.Ashaben Anand, Dr Harsha Panchal and several other physicians who are amongst the leading doctors of  Civil Hospital  Ahmedabad, took time off for us and came to participate in the meeting. Dr.Chiragbhai Desai from Vedanta Hospital also joined us and shared interesting points during the Q&A session.
At 8.00 am, patients who came to attend the meeting  started the registration process. At the registration  counter  kit bags and the PCR Campaign awareness materials were distributed. Breakfast along with tea was served after registration.

The patients and caregivers, who gathered there, were excited about the seminar. The meeting started with a prayer and lighting of the lamp at the Cama Hall, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad by the dignitaries .  Dr Shilin Shukla, the Director of GCRI ,gave the welcome speech and introduced the PCR Campaign.
Ayeshah introduced all doctors and made a presentation on MAX. She shared a lot of information on MAX and Friends of Max.
Shri Ushakantbhai Shah gave some useful suggestions to all patients and shared his experiences since his diagnosis. He also advised everyone to enjoy every moment of life and never to lose faith in oneself and God.
The question and answer session with the physicians began after Ushakant ji’s talk and they brought to light various aspects on CML and all other required information. This session went on for almost 2 hours.
Soon it was lunch time and therefore we took a break for some delicious Undhiyu and Jalebi. The lunch was enjoyed by everyone.
After lunch all the patients gathered in the hall and before the next session Ayeshah shared the information on MAXs Office Address and Phone numbers.
A compliance workshop was conducted by Viji and the importance of taking the medicine regularly was shared. The workshop got everyone gathered there into groups and fill out a compliance sheet where each one had to mention if they took their medication regularly or not and the reasons why.
After this the Volunteers were asked to come on stage and share their experience with everyone.

Shri Jagmohanbhai, 80 years old, young and dynamic person, shared his experience and told everyone how to prevent cancer and advised us about our eating habits. And then I, Ghanshyam Vyas, shared my experience and told everyone how we benefited from the support we receive from our family.

Everyone present there felt this type of session must be organized more frequently so we could all meet often and derive strength from each other and spread awareness of cancer.

Ayeshah and Viji met all the patients and talked warmly to everyone. She took a group photograph with all of us.

In my view, “Never lose willpower & confidence in yourself”. It is the best medicine for all diseases. It cures 50 % of your diseases. This program was a success in all respects. We could see hope rising again in our lives. This enthusiasm and willpower shall surely overcome the pain and fear of cancer.

And finally I am proud to let you all know that I became a Volunteer for FOM. It was decided that a list of patients will be given to the team leaders. So it is my pleasure to have taken up that job as a leader of FOM, Ahmedabad.
We all are very thankful to NVS & TMF for giving us a healthy life style.

By FOM Ahmedabad-
Ghanshyam Vyas