The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) is a membership driven non-governmental organization spearheading efforts around global cancer control, in conjunction with the Non Communicable Disease Alliance. UICC has led important efforts such as the World Cancer Declaration and World Cancer Day, in order to stop cancer in its tracks.

About Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

UICC is the largest cancer fighting organisation of its kind in the world with 386 members in 119 countries. With more than 11 million new cases of cancer diagnosed each year, and this number projected to increase sharply in the coming years, we together with our members have a vital role to play in beating this disease. UICC aims are simple:

  • To eliminate cancer as a life threatening disease for future generations
  • To achieve its mission by delivering the 11 targets of the World Cancer Declaration with and through its members globally
  • To bring the global cancer community together as a single force to place cancer at the top of every politicians agenda
  • To help members make a significant difference at local levels, and
  • To highlight and address inequalities that exist in the way cancer is addressed across the world.

Cary Adams CEO UICC holding the 12000 signatures from TMF presented by Maria Isabel Gomes, patient advocate and survivor from Venezuela, Pat Garcia –Gonzalez Executive Director TMF, Javier Silva Barragán , patient advocate and survivor from Mexico , Viji Venkatesh Regional co ordinator ,TMF Asia Pacific and Ron Padua patient advocate Philippines all representatives of TMF

Friends of Max as part of the UICC Global Network Membership

Due to its affiliation with The Max Foundation which is a member of UICC, Friends of Max has been awarded a yearlong associate membership with the Union for International Cancer Control. Friends of Max will have access to many benefits through being part of this global association. Friends of Max is already making paient voices heard by encouraging thousands of survivors, caregivers and supporters to add their name to the World Cancer Declaration. Friends of Max, as well as The Max Foundation, are proud to be part of UICC!