About Friends of Max

Friends of Max (FOM) is an India based support group for CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) and GIST (Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumour) patients on lifelong therapy. It is registered as a Charitable Trust by The Charities Commissioner’s office in Mumbai. ‘Friends of Max’ has 20 City Chapters spread across the country. We are the recognised Support Group Arm of The Max Foundation in India .

Our Vision

No cancer patient should live a diminished and compromised life.

Our Mission

To provide emotional, informational and practical support to CML and GIST patients and their caregivers. We do this by providing them a safe platform to share and learn from each other’s experience. 

  • We arrange regular face-to-face meetings for patients with their treating physicians who are amongst the best oncologists and haematologists in the country. 
  • We train volunteers to help fellow patients live a positive and productive life. 
  • We organise events to spread awareness about the disease and the importance of compliance 
  • We aid and facilitate access to monitoring tests for financially challenged patients.
  • We are an apolitical organisation and we aspire to support all forms of government – Central or State or Local / Municipal authorities and other institutions in their efforts to reach and help cancer patients in terms of creation of awareness, education and other forms of assistance. To that extent we aspire to influence policy matters in Patient Advocacy  

Our Values

Our inclusive culture inspires us to embrace change, speak openly, and be bold. It also ensures no person is deprived of opportunity and care because of who they are.

We work collaboratively at all levels and with many partners to achieve the best results for our community.

Compliance and Integrity
Not only do we preach Patient Compliance with the daily routine of medication we also practice compliance with all the rules, regulations and laws prescribed by the Government in terms of transparency, audit and transactional compliance.

We are passionately committed to helping people face cancer with dignity and hope.

We focus on positive strategies to develop inner strength and understanding, thereby enabling our community to be positive and empowering them to flourish.

We understand the unique challenges faced by our community and provide support with kindness and empathy.