A Short Sweet Story

Sangeeta Punjabi, October 2007

As promised I'm making my story as short as possible.

May Day !!
It was the 1st of May 2005 when I was diagnosed with CML.It was also my birthday that day and I had just completed 35 years of age. My husband was traveling as usual and I was alone at home with my two little kids who were just 2 and 5 years old then. My initial reaction was of shock and horror. I asked the inevitable question

However, the next day after meeting Dr. Sachin Almel at the Hinduja Hospital I felt like myself again. Within two days I bounced back to my normal self, which is cool, calm, confident, a bit aggressive but always cheerful. I resumed working hard, partying harder; it has always been my motto. YES that's the truth!
How come you may ask……

Now I would like to share my experiences with all of you

My Friends of MAX.
I was born a blue baby with a defective heart. Some doctors said I would not live beyond 6 months but I proved them wrong. Right from childhood I saw many hospitals and went through not one but two open heart surgeries at the age of 16 and 18, which I survived. In the following years I had a very successful career. I got married at the age of 28. Six days after my marriage, when I was coming back from a New Year's party, I had the worst of road accidents. Our car got smashed and there were "80 PIECES" of glass inside my body which were removed. However, I was stitched back to perfection and got back on my feet in a week's time, feeling as good as new.

I have always believed that you are what you make out of yourself.

Nothing and nobody can break you down, tears are only for the weak and I'm not one of them. I wake up every morning and throw all the bad things and negative energies out of the window and start the day with whatever good and positive things I have. Maybe that's why I keep bouncing back over and over again, and I keep smiling all the way