25th Nov’2012—Friends of MAX along with RGCI Delhi Regional Meet

Months before the Delhi Regional meet was held, Delhi Core Team met several times to analyze  the various aspects of the meeting. Right from venue, Patient list, Doctor list , Catering and décor. The ultimate goal was to host another Delhi Regional Meet and learn from previous experience.

Main Achievement
The entire Delhi Core team along with RGCI (Co-sponsors) left no stone unturned in ensuring the event’s inevitable success. The event was a hit as now we have 30+ more volunteers who want to work for Delhi Core Team, there was a fuss around that now we need a CEO for our DELHI team as very soon we would be touching half century mark with respect to Volunteers. All thanks to Amma (Viji), while introducing Delhi Core team and their efforts, she just asked once who all want to be at stage next time as member of Delhi Core team and to our surprise, within minutes we were standing with 30 more members . I am sure this would definitely help us in delivering more to society as FRIEND OF MAX
25th Nov’2012 (Venue Tecnia Institute Rohini)
It was a perfect day with chill in air, clear sky and temperature was around 16 degree.
By 8:30am registration stall was set and on my arrival I had privilege to get registered by five beautiful ladies. At Delhi meet we always face low registration during early hours but from our past experience we knew this number would grow gradually till 10:30am.
On Arrival after registration, attendees enjoyed hot breakfast ranging from Garma Garam pooris to Sandwich.
By 10:30am we had a good number and we decided to start main programme.
It started with National Anthem, our Trustee from Delhi Core team Mr. Anil Nagpal welcomed honorable guest and invited Charming Ayeshah to take control of the stage.
Ayeshah presented very informative session on Friend of Max and its activities. After that She invited our Chief Guest Mr Negi , the CEO of RGCI along with Honorable Doctors, Dr. Dinesh Bhurani with Dr. Narender Aggarwal and Mr Pankaj from Novartis to  light the lamp at stage.
Our Chief Guest was invited to speak few words, he congratulated us for hosting such event and emphasized on importance of compliance, balanced diet and lifestyle.
Our respectful AMMA spoke about compliance, she showed us data that over the year how we have reached to 92% of compliance (It was 75% in 2011) and again re enforced that how much it is important to take medicine regularly.  Later She spoke about What My PCR campaign and  educate many FOM’s that we should always ask our Doctor WHAT IS MY PCR  and we should work with our Doctor to get this test done at least once in a year (For FOM who have financial Constraint).
By this time it was around 12:00 noon and Ayeshah invited our doctors on the stage. The panel had Dr Shyam Agarwal ,Dr Dinesh Bhurani, Dr Narendra Agarwal and Dr Shirish Seth  for the Q&A.
Dr Shyam Agarwal  spoke about compliance and he also spoke about new medicine been developed as 3rd Generation to treat CML.
FOM were invited to ask Questions  and the doctors were  bombarded with  questions ranging from side effects like tiredness, puffiness ,  growth in children,  Nausea. Also questions on Marriage and Pregnancy. This session lasted for more than one hour and all Dr’s reemphasized on importance of taking medicine on time, getting the test done regularly and never to take medicine empty stomach. They emphasized that we are as normal as any other human being.
It was at around 1:10 PM and FOM were asked to have lavish lunch mainly consisting of dishes from North India.
Post lunch Session Amma organized session on team activates and we were dived in to four group and each group was asked to present.
Oops I have missed something, yes few FOM volunteered to sing songs for us and there was remarkable performance by Mr Yogesh Bhasin (Delhi Core Team Member). He has invented soon to be patent a Bartan Band made of kitchen utensil (photographs posted on FOM website)
Thanks to all FOM’s and RGCI for making it happen and also a special thanks to Viji Madam, Ayeshah and to Novartis  , this wouldn’t have been possible without your support and Guidance.
Bye Bye till we meet again 🙂

Ravi Ahuja, FOM Delhi