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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Patient Advocates of the Month (October 2019) Sailaja Kosuri and Nandini Dabbir

Friendships happen unexpectedly. It just needs two souls to understand each other upon meeting. Such is the story of our advocates Sailaja and Nandini. They met during the FOM Cochin Leadership Summit in 2016 and a casual interaction led to an intense camaraderie. A graduate from Delhi University, Sailaja spent forty years of her life

Life Raft Group Webcast Series: Dental Healthcare in GIST

Dr. Nikhil Guhagarkar was invited by ‘The Life Raft group’ from the USA to host a webcast on Dental healthcare in ‘Gastro-intestinal Stromal Tumour’ or GIST. Nikhil , as we all know is our spokesperson on GIST and an active patient advocate on various platforms.

CML & GIST Support Group Meeting, Hyderabad-13th September 2019

Hyderabad Core group members, Viji and Sudha were the first to arrive and got busy with arrangements right away – Banners were being put up, stage arrangements were being taken care of and registration of participants, and of course photo ops happening alongside J. Light