This year has been a very special year for Shajahan.His Max Station and dear Beena Chechi would like to add to his story sent last year

Max’s 35th birth anniversary fell on the 19th of October, 2008. And Shajahan chose to get married on that very day. He wants to ensure that he never forgets to celebrate the birth of the courageous young man who is today his unseen role model. As we know from his testimonial above, he was diagnosed with CML in January, 2002, and has been on Glivec, under Novartis’ GIPAP programme, since June, 2005.
Born on 24th May, 1976 at Kozhikode in Kerala, India, to a family of moderate means, Shajahan is the middle born. He has two sisters and two brothers. Both sisters and the brother elder to him are married. The youngest brother works in a shop selling readymade garments. Shajahan has worked in the past as an electrician and a salesman, and hopes to start his own small business soon.

Shajahan is the kingpin of the core group of Friends Of Max in Calicut, and one of the most active members in Kerala. Despite his modest means, his largeness of heart ensures that he never misses an opportunity to be of help and consolation to fellow CML sufferers at all times.

The girl whom Shajahan wooed and wed on the 19th of October 2008 is appropriately named Mumtas, just like the emperor Shajahan’s much beloved wife. Ten years younger to him, she caught his eye when she went for her quarterly check up to the same physician who treats Shajahan, Dr. Warrier of MIMS, Calicut. Yes, Mumtas too has CML, diagnosed just 6 months after Shajahan, and is on Glivec since August, 2004. She is the eldest born, with a sister and two brothers.

Falling in love with Mumtas was one thing, but getting her father’s consent to their marriage was quite another. It took not a little persuading by the couple, as also a few nudges from friends and well wishers to get him to nod “yes”.

Well, here they are, married and thrilled to bits, eyes full of love for each other, and hearts filled with gratitude to the one who made it all possible- Novartis and Max.