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  1. Mukesh Kumar Hissariya says:

    The Chai for Cancer Team on Salman raises his voiceWant to oraganise this pgm in Patna on 10th July 2016.
    Mukesh Hissariya

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Mukesh Kumar Hissariya, thank you for your interest in organizing a Chai for Cancer in Patna. We will get back to you shortly vide email.
      Friends of Max

  2. Jaydeep says:

    Need financial support for cancer treatment of my mother suffering from breast cancer, and undergoing chemotherapy in Pune

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Jaydeep: thank you for writing in to Friends of Max. We will get back to you soon vide email. Regards, Team Friends of Max

  3. Mukesh says:

    My oncologist suggest me for repeat RT-PCR BCR ABL test in every 3 months but its costly to afford me repeatedly . So request you to financial support for the same.

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Mukesh,thank you for your query. We request you to write to and we will look at your case. Regards Friends of Max

  4. spandan says:

    respected madam/sir,
    We really need your help. My aunt is severely diseased by breast cancer and going through treatment. They are below poverty line with two girl child. being helpless i am extending my hands towards you. I know it is not possible to help everyone but please don’t leave our hand at this stage. Don’t make us hopeless
    kindly help us if you can, and even if u cant at least reply to my message so that i can at least do something and keep her alive

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Thank you for writing in to us. Can you please email us at so that we can advise you. Regards Team Friends of Max

  5. Subash Chander says:

    Hi, I’m Subsah, age 39 yrs, presently at Ambala, Haryana. I was diagnosed with CML-CP on 18.04.2016. Since then, I’m on treatment from the TATA Memorial Centre, Mumbai. Right now, I’m on Imatinib-400mg daily dosage. There are side effects, both physical and emotional, which I’ve been dealing to some extent. However, since the diagnose, life remains a daily fight.
    Please advise how can I join the group and the nearest place I can join. Wishing good luck to all the fighters!
    Regards, Subash
    Mobile: 9416973117

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Subash, thank you for your email. Request you to write to us at so that we can give you further advice. Regards Team Friends of Max

  6. Kapil says:


    I am a CML patient since August 2015 and currently on Nilotinib 800 mg. I would want to know any new medical advancements in the line of treatment for CML. Also, would like to a part of support groups .


    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Kapil: Thank you for writing to us. We request you to write in to for further information. Regards

  7. Claudia Salazar says:

    As the mother of a recently diagnosed 16 yr. old it touches my heart to read Max´s story. I would like to thank the Max Foundation since my son was saved from a terrible crisis that almost took his life and it is thanks to the Foundation that my son has a chance to live again. May Max live in all of the children the Foundation saves everyday.
    You are a true legend Max.
    Claudia Salazar
    Mother of Pablo Andres Rodas from Guatemala City.

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Claudia. Stay well and good luck.

  8. Sweety Bandopadhaya says:

    Thanks to the generosity of the Max foundation, my father survives today with CML. I from India would not have been able to meet the cost of glivec without the timely intervention by the foundation. A deep gratitude to all involved with this humanitarian and noble mission of saving lives. The Spirit of Max lives on in countless survivors today.

  9. Pranay says:

    Thank you for sharing. If I am a pharma company employee, but not directly related to drug development or research, how can I help? E.g. initiate a discussion by connecting the right people?

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Hi thanks for your mail; you can follow us on Facebook or write in to Regards

  10. Kapil says:


    Can you please let me know the next event happening. I would really want to attain it.


    Kapil Kabra

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