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  1. Mukesh Kumar Hissariya says:

    The Chai for Cancer Team on Salman raises his voiceWant to oraganise this pgm in Patna on 10th July 2016.
    Mukesh Hissariya

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Mukesh Kumar Hissariya, thank you for your interest in organizing a Chai for Cancer in Patna. We will get back to you shortly vide email.
      Friends of Max

  2. Jaydeep says:

    Need financial support for cancer treatment of my mother suffering from breast cancer, and undergoing chemotherapy in Pune

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Jaydeep: thank you for writing in to Friends of Max. We will get back to you soon vide email. Regards, Team Friends of Max

  3. Mukesh says:

    My oncologist suggest me for repeat RT-PCR BCR ABL test in every 3 months but its costly to afford me repeatedly . So request you to financial support for the same.

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Mukesh,thank you for your query. We request you to write to and we will look at your case. Regards Friends of Max

    2. Sudha Samineni says:

      Please write to

  4. spandan says:

    respected madam/sir,
    We really need your help. My aunt is severely diseased by breast cancer and going through treatment. They are below poverty line with two girl child. being helpless i am extending my hands towards you. I know it is not possible to help everyone but please don’t leave our hand at this stage. Don’t make us hopeless
    kindly help us if you can, and even if u cant at least reply to my message so that i can at least do something and keep her alive

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Thank you for writing in to us. Can you please email us at so that we can advise you. Regards Team Friends of Max

  5. Subash Chander says:

    Hi, I’m Subsah, age 39 yrs, presently at Ambala, Haryana. I was diagnosed with CML-CP on 18.04.2016. Since then, I’m on treatment from the TATA Memorial Centre, Mumbai. Right now, I’m on Imatinib-400mg daily dosage. There are side effects, both physical and emotional, which I’ve been dealing to some extent. However, since the diagnose, life remains a daily fight.
    Please advise how can I join the group and the nearest place I can join. Wishing good luck to all the fighters!
    Regards, Subash
    Mobile: 9416973117

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Subash, thank you for your email. Request you to write to us at so that we can give you further advice. Regards Team Friends of Max

  6. Kapil says:


    I am a CML patient since August 2015 and currently on Nilotinib 800 mg. I would want to know any new medical advancements in the line of treatment for CML. Also, would like to a part of support groups .


    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Dear Kapil: Thank you for writing to us. We request you to write in to for further information. Regards

  7. Claudia Salazar says:

    As the mother of a recently diagnosed 16 yr. old it touches my heart to read Max´s story. I would like to thank the Max Foundation since my son was saved from a terrible crisis that almost took his life and it is thanks to the Foundation that my son has a chance to live again. May Max live in all of the children the Foundation saves everyday.
    You are a true legend Max.
    Claudia Salazar
    Mother of Pablo Andres Rodas from Guatemala City.

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Claudia. Stay well and good luck.

  8. Sweety Bandopadhaya says:

    Thanks to the generosity of the Max foundation, my father survives today with CML. I from India would not have been able to meet the cost of glivec without the timely intervention by the foundation. A deep gratitude to all involved with this humanitarian and noble mission of saving lives. The Spirit of Max lives on in countless survivors today.

  9. Pranay says:

    Thank you for sharing. If I am a pharma company employee, but not directly related to drug development or research, how can I help? E.g. initiate a discussion by connecting the right people?

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Hi thanks for your mail; you can follow us on Facebook or write in to Regards

  10. Kapil says:


    Can you please let me know the next event happening. I would really want to attain it.


    Kapil Kabra

  11. sangamesh says:

    Sir,my wife 32 age,has PROXIMAL JEJUNAL TUMOUR at DJ JUNCTION (GIST) .It is removed by SURGERY. pathological report is TUMOUR SIZE 4.5cm.MITOTIC RATE 4/50.STAGE T2N0M0..Doctor advised to take IMATINIB 400 mg for 2 there any serious side effects of IMATINIB?..i am worying whether to take Imatnib or not?.how much chance is there of reccurence if not taking Imatinib? It is suitable to take treatment after reccuring GIST. Please suggest me..

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Apologies for the late response. We strongly advise you to consult your treating Oncologist. Meanwhile our patient advocate from the Friends of Max GIST group has this to offer by way of advice:

      1. Imatinib is a well-tolerated drug, since your wife is young she should do well with it. Consult your Oncologist for side-effects management.
      It is important to mange the side effects well in order to get maximum benefits of the drug.

      2. It is important to take Imatinib as a adjuvant therapy as prescribed by your doctor to prevent recurrence.

      3. Recurrence chances will be high if Imatinib is not taken as per advice.

  12. Ankita singh says:

    It is really nice see such events happening and at this rate of success.
    We are also in the healthcare sector providing free of cost counseling service to patients and their families. In our vision to empower common mass related to their decisions regarding choosing doctor and hospital , we are furthering our step to empower cancer patients by uniting them and giving them a platform to share their stories of struggle and hope.
    For this purpose we are in the process of getting acquainted with patients and their families to know them better and understand their needs.
    You being the volunteer to such noble cause can be of great help to us, and I sincerely think with your help we can contribute what we have thought to this cause.
    Hoping to hear from you soon!

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Thank you for your mail and your good wishes. You can keep in touch with us and write in to
      Team Friends Of Max

  13. Ashok kumar says:

    I want to contact with you

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Thank you for your interest in Friends of Max. Please email us at

  14. Ramnath Agrawal says:

    I am living with CML since 2003 and I am on Glivec since then. But for some side effects I am as normal as anyone without CML which was possible with the help of Max Foundation and Friends of Max I am now 73years old and with the help of Max Foundation I am living as if I don’t have any ailments. Although I am also a patient of ca prostate. I got a great support from Max Foundation and my wife and daughters even my grand children also supported. The best part I have experienced is Friends Of Max which has encouraged me to live the way I am living.

  15. Rakesh sharma says:

    25 Years with CML and yet looking forward for many more with much more brighter SMILE.
    It was never a trouble for me. Initially like every phase of life there were some difficulties with me too, but sooner things get in there on own places. Then it took a completely different turn when i attended first “Friends of Max” meeting. It was really a cherrishing moment for me to have such beautiful people around me. I have completed 25 years with all my job satisfaction along with family and friends support. Will be looking forward to cherrish many more years just like this only. Thank you “Friends Of Max”

  16. Rallapalle Ramamohanrao says:

    I am a patient of CML, diagnosed in June 1983. I am immensely happy and also emotional that FOM is enquiring about our feelings….. I had been a loan sufferer both physically (bone marrow test) and mentally (because of the price of the medicine) professionally (work load was heavy, inter state transfers) family wise (wife’s expectations were more vis -a-vis my financial well being)…. the saga goes like this… By the grace of God I am now 59 with a hope to live with the support of NIMS Hyderabad, Telangana, india

  17. Manoj says:

    Looking back at last 18 years ago, GIPAP has been the “Iron man suit” in career, personal & social life! 😀

  18. Arjun Sunar says:

    I was proved a patient of CML since 2017 . I m living good without any sorts of problems. I m using glivec since last year. I m now 39 yrs old n doing good in my daily life. I m from Nepal. Max Foundation Nepal is helping me.

    1. Sudha Samineni says:

      Thank you Arjun, apologies for the delay in responding to your mail
      regards Team FOM

  19. Shadab khan says:

    I m shadab Khan ex student of m.v.h.s
    V shula madam is our hindi teacher
    Today 26th sep 2018 approximately after 30 years I saw her photo I have no word to say
    Just ma’am your children your student loves you

  20. Ramakant jaimini says:

    मैं आपके साथ कार्य करने का इच्छुक हूं

  21. Yogeeta Umrotkar says:

    Dear Amma,
    Had a great chance of coming to Max Foundation today.It was very very nice meeting you.I don’t know how to thank you for all the help support and lots of love and care received from you…. Lovely …🙏
    May God bless you always…

  22. Pritha Chakraborty says:


    My name is Pritha Chakraborty. I was diagnosed with AML in Sep’15. Now I’ve fully recovered. I would love to be a part of Max. Please advise

    1. Administrator says:

      Hi kindly write to, regards

  23. Major singh says:

    Oh That right Dr.Pankaj is very nice.

  24. Yallappa sunagar says:

    Hi, I’m yallappa, age 27 yrs, presently at belagavi, karnataka. I was diagnosed with CML-CP on 18.11,2015 Since then, I’m on treatment from the saibaba cancer hospital Manipal, Right now, I’m on Imatinib-400mg daily dosage. There are side effects, both physical and emotional, which I’ve been dealing to some extent. However, since the diagnose, life remains a daily fight.
    Please advise how can I join the group and the nearest place I can join. Wishing good luck to all the fighters!
    Regards, yallappa
    Mobile: 8150017919

  25. Param says:

    MPN Patient Support Group in India is established under Friends of Max
    We have a strong support and network with any other organization globally. This support group will connect with all patients in India their care givers and treating doctors
    If you have any questions please write in contact details given
    Our vision is to make MPN voices heard thereby help to lead a Very good quality of life

  26. Swapnil Mahajan says:

    Can you explain me the process or conditions to receive donation for my fathers treatment. We are currently giving him. Chemotherapy from HCG MANAVATA CANCER CARE, Nashik. From last 6 months i have spent nearly 300,000/- for the treatment. Now I’m facing heavily financial crises. So can you help me?

    1. Administrator says:

      Dear Swapnil, please write to us at and we will advise you accordingly. Regards Team Friends of Max

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