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Note from a MaxStation

Mar 28 2006 {mosimage} One of the greatest challenges for The Friends of Max in Bombay is to find time and a place to get together – Bombay is a city where both these resources are scarce , available at a great premium given the

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The Friends of Max in Ahmedabad

Dec 9 2005 {mosimage} The Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI) is one of the largest treatment centers for cancer in the Western region of India, catering to patients from four neighbor states. In GIPAP more than 600 active patients are registered under the care of

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“Together We Share and Learn” in Mumbai

Jun 5 2005 {mosimage} June 5th All India Patient Group Meeting In an event of unprecedented proportions, more than 800 CML and GIST patients from all regions of India gathered at the Goregaon Sports Club in Mumbai for the largest ever meeting of CML and