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Welcome to Friends of Max!

Patient Support Groups: Helping Patients and their caregivers cope with the diagnosis of Cancer A diagnosis of cancer can bring out strong fears and anxieties in the affected family or social unit. While timely access to treatment and family support can go a long way


FOM Kolkata celebrates World CML Day

FOM Kolkata and Max had the honor to `associate with Tata Medical Center to celebrate “World CML Day” on 22/9/2016 at Kolkata. Mrs Viji Venkatesh, who had come all the way from Mumbai, set the tone for the event with her opening remarks where she


World CML Day: FOM Letter to Editor DNA Mumbai (

Letter To The Editor DNA, Mumbai ( Sir Your article “Life Doesn’t End With CML: Doctors” (;, 22 Sept 2016) made interesting and positive reading for the CML community of patients, their caregivers and doctors. Of interest to your readers and the CML community

GIST Nutrition Booklet- Image


A Guide to Nutrition and a Holistic way of Living With GIST Specially put together for Friends of Max “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust the sails to reach my destination” Jimmy Dean You have all embarked on a


GIST Awareness Day at The Max Foundation Office

We bring together our GIST patients and their caregivers periodically for regular support group meetings. These meetings are held in different cities and the sharing and learning that takes place therein makes a great difference to the quality of the life of the patients who


The Gift of Time: GIST Awareness Day

Awareness: to have a heightened sense. To cope with and ‘manage’ fear. To treasure special and happy memories as a source of strength. To keep going. This year’s theme on GIST Awareness Day is The Gift of Time. And on this day as we join

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CML Horizons Conference 2016

The CML Horizons Conference (Slovenia, 6-8 May 2016), hosted by the non-profit organization Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation, is the main global conference for CML patient organizations and aims to • Update CML patient advocates on developments in different aspects of disease management • Helping particpants

New Horizons GIST Sitges Day 3-108

New Horizons GIST Meet 2016

I had the good fortune of attending the New Horizons GIST meet in Sitges, Barcelona Spain in May 18-21 2016. It was a proud moment for me to represent FOM in the meet!  Also attending the meet from India was Viji Venkatesh  head of South


GIST Awareness Day!

The Max Foundation & Friends fo Max invite all GIST survivors and caregivers to celebrate GIST AWARENESS DAY 2016 “The Gift of Time” on Saturday, 9th July 2016

World no tobacco day

World No Tobacco Day

Tobacco-related cancer is not a death sentence. Early detection and proper care can prevent calamities. At Friends of Max we encourage sharing of information and learning from each other.


Announcing Leadership Summit

The 3rd  Friends of Max Leadership Summit is scheduled for the 17th  and 18th  of December 2016 at Hotel Abad Plaza, Kochi (Kerala). It marks a significant step in our efforts to build an organizational structure that will not only be adaptable to the changing needs of